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Welcome to Find Sweets

Find Sweets is a quiz about all sorts of confectionary that should be like taking candy from a baby - unless you’re a dummy bear!

But don’t rush in like a kid in a candy store - think carefully about each image and say what you see! It’s a sherbet that our tricky quiz will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. You might cola bottle it, but who knows, you could find all 50 and take the glory home sweet home!

Disclaimer: Reflect Digital are not responsible for any torn our hair, loss of sleep or any other symptoms caused by concentrating so hard. 



Step 1 - Click ‘Play Now’ to access the quiz.

Step 2 - Take a look at the image and rack your brains for any player.

Step 3 - Click on the image when you think you’re onto something. Type in your guess in the box provided.

Step 4 - Hit submit and…

Step 5 - …Cry with rage or shout with joy (subject to step 4’s result).

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to save your progress so you don’t lose all your hard graft!



If you’re really struggling, give Reflect Digital a shout on Facebook or Twitter page and we’ll help you out with a clue. Yes a clue, not the answer! That’ll be too easy…

  • Remember, try not to share too many of your answers. When asking us for help, screenshot the dots of corrects scores and not the list!
  • There may be multiple answers surrounding one object so make sure you investigate the available areas as thoroughly as possible.
  • Alternatively, give the guys or girls a shout on your Whatsapp group. 15 heads are better than one.
  • Don’t forget to save your progress by creating an account. This means you can play your quiz wherever you are, from the pub to the pitch.
  • Expect answers to pop into your head whilst doing the strangest tasks: washing up, cutting the grass, picking up the kids from school, etc. If an answer suddenly comes to you whilst you’re in the office - remember, people will think you’re crazy and may call the white coats in if you start shouting “Cat In A Tree!” at the top of your lungs for no apparent reason.

Get Stuck in!

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